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Copyright: All contributers to the Umple Project
This file is made available subject to the open source license found at:
external ErrorType{}
external ErrorMessage{}
This is our internal parser implementation for the Umple language. It uses
a generic Parser that can read an external EBNF grammar file, and then populate
an abstract syntax tree.
The work of the UmpleInternalParser is
a) The grammar definition (defined externally in *.grammar files)
b) Analyzing the AST to populate an Umple meta model instance
c) Delegating to our code generator to produce the necessary artifacts (i.e. Java / PHP / Ruby code)
Please refer to UmpleInternalParser_Code.ump for implementation details.
class UmpleInternalParser
isA UmpleParser;
isA Parser;
depend java.nio.file.*;
depend cruise.umple.util.*;
depend cruise.umple.analysis.*;
depend cruise.umple.parser.*;
depend cruise.umple.parser.analysis.*;
currentPackageName = "";
Boolean packageNameUsed = true;
Boolean outputUmpleSource = false;
// The Umple meta model which will be populated based on what was parsed.
UmpleModel model;
RuleBasedParser parser;
Integer[] allowedMessages;
Integer[] ignoredMessages;
Integer[] disallowedMessages;
Integer[] expectedMessages;
// The strictness level. ModelOnly means warn on method body or extra code
strictness {
none {
modelOnly -> modelOnly;
noExtraCode -> noExtraCode;
allowMessage(Integer id) -> / {allowedMessages.add(id);} none;
ignoreMessage(Integer id) -> / {ignoredMessages.add(id);} none;
disallowMessage(Integer id) -> / {disallowedMessages.add(id);} none;
expectMessage(Integer id) -> / {expectedMessages.add(id);} none;
modelOnly {
allowMessage(Integer id) -> / {allowedMessages.add(id);} modelOnly;
ignoreMessage(Integer id) -> / {ignoredMessages.add(id);} modelOnly;
disallowMessage(Integer id) -> / {disallowedMessages.add(id);} modelOnly;
expectMessage(Integer id) -> / {expectedMessages.add(id);} modelOnly;
noExtraCode {
allowMessage(Integer id) -> / {allowedMessages.add(id);} noExtraCode;
ignoreMessage(Integer id) -> / {ignoredMessages.add(id);} noExtraCode;
disallowMessage(Integer id) -> / {disallowedMessages.add(id);} noExtraCode;
expectMessage(Integer id) -> / {expectedMessages.add(id);} noExtraCode;
// List of errors or warnings to expect. It is an error if they do not occur.
// This is used to set up test cases for the presence of certain messages
1 -> * ErrorType messagesToExpect;
// List of warnings to allow and ignore
// Used to suppress warnings that we do not care about
1 -> * ErrorType warningsToIgnore;
after setModel{if(model != null && model.getUmpleFile() != null) { super.setFilename(model.getUmpleFile().getFileName()); super.setRootToken(reset());}}
use UmpleParser.ump;
use Parser.ump;
use Umple.ump;
use UmpleDiagram.ump;
use StateMachine.ump;
use UmpleInternalParser_Code.ump;