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#!/bin/csh -fb
if ! $?UMPLEROOT then
setenv UMPLEROOT ~/umple
cd $UMPLEROOT/build
if ($OSTYPE == 'cygwin' || $OSTYPE == 'msys' | $OSTYPE == 'win32') then
set buildenv="wlocal"
set buildenv="local"
echo Doing FULL build of Umple at $UMPLEROOT using ant -Dmyenv=$buildenv
echo Building repo at $UMPLEROOT
# If you are running on Windows the above should run as myenv=wlocal
echo This should take 2-5 minutes. Do not interrupt.
echo You should always have done 'git pull' before running this and resolved conflicts
set logfile="/tmp/umplebuildlog$$.txt"
ant -Dmyenv=$buildenv | tee $logfile
grep -qi failed $logfile
set failedstatus=$status
grep -qi 'Error ' $logfile
if ($status == 0 || $failedstatus == 0) then
echo "************************"
echo Script bumple ended ABNORMALLY at $UMPLEROOT
echo The word FAILED or ERROR was found in the above. Build was NOT SUCCESSFUL.
echo Build log is at $logfile
echo Test log can be opened in a web browser at $UMPLEROOT/dist/qa/index.php
rm $logfile
echo Script bumple ended normally at $UMPLEROOT
echo Full build complete. You may push or open a PR.