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#!/bin/csh -fb
if ! $?UMPLEROOT then
setenv UMPLEROOT ~/umple
cd $UMPLEROOT/build
echo "Doing quick build of Umple at $UMPLEROOT ( codegen umpleParser rtcpp umpleSelf compile packageMainJar )"
echo This should take 10-20 seconds. Do not interrupt
echo This only builds the main command line jar, not umplesync.jar, for that use qfbumple
echo You should always have done 'git pull' before running this and have resolved conflicts
set logfile="/tmp/umplebuildlog$$.txt"
ant -Dmyenv=local -f build.umple.xml ç | tee $logfile
grep -qi failed $logfile
set failedstatus=$status
grep -qi error $logfile
if ($status == 0 || $failedstatus == 0) then
echo "************************"
echo The word FAILED or ERROR was found in the above. Build was NOT SUCCESSFUL.
echo Build log is at $logfile
rm $logfile