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Release 1.24.0 - final move from Jet to UmpleTL

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TimLethbridge committed Mar 22, 2016
1 parent dab6b48 commit 29de05bc3af4f6915111276768f7fe9fb578c5f2
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This project contains the JET for generating java code using the cruise.umple
tool. The only package within the /src directory which should compile is the which contains the working top level generating files.
the rest of the folders are simply there because JET requires that each template
be given a name and a package to put it into. Therefore, in essence, some of the
files in contain all the files in the other folders.
Contents of the folder need to be copied over the old
contents in the same package name of cruise.umple. This is not done automatically.
Notice: In case this is not done automatically by your Eclipse version on your
system, include the project cruise.umple in UmpleJetProject's build path.
This project contains the UmpleTL code for generating java code using umple

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