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Adding uOttawa logo to main webpage

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TimLethbridge committed Mar 16, 2020
1 parent c9a39fa commit c68021de54f7d1539e65cd346e52e2925d1baf5c
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@@ -232,26 +232,26 @@ <h1>

<span style="float: right">
<a href="" target="uottawatab"><img height="44px" src="files/uottawa_ver_black.png" alt="University of Ottawa logo / Université d'Ottawa" /></a>
<a href="" target="uottawatab" title="Umple is led by Timothy Lethbridge, professor at the University of Ottawa. Much of the development has been by graduate students at uOttawa. The UOttawa Faculty of Engineering provides hosting support for UmpleOnline."><img height="44px" src="files/uottawa_ver_black.png" alt="University of Ottawa logo / Université d'Ottawa" /></a>

<a class="button" href="">UmpleOnline</a>&nbsp;
<a class="button" href="">Manual</a>&nbsp;
<a class="button" href="">Download</a>&nbsp;
<a class="button" href="" title="UmpleOnline allows you to create Umple (UML-like) Models textually or graphically, embed other code in them, analyse the models, and generated executable systems right in your browser.">UmpleOnline</a>&nbsp;
<a class="button" href="" title="The Umple User manual documents every feature and error or warning message in Umple, with live examples that can be loaded into UmpleOnline.">Manual</a>&nbsp;
<a class="button" href="" title="You can download the latest Umple Java Jar for command-line use, or a Docker image of UmpleOnline, or plugins for tools like Eclipse and Visual Studio Code.">Download</a>&nbsp;

<span style="white-space:nowrap;">
<a class="button"
href="" title="Unple is an open source project hosted by GitHub.">Code&nbsp;<img
src="files/Octocat.jpg" height=12/></a></span>&nbsp;

<span style="white-space:nowrap;">
<a class="button" href="">News&nbsp;<img
<a class="button" href="" title="News about major releases, major contributions and so on are posted to Umple's Facebook Group.">News&nbsp;<img

<span style="white-space:nowrap;">
<a class="button" href="" target="donatepage">Donate&nbsp;</a></span>
<a class="button" href="" target="donatepage" title="Even a small donation of $3 would be helpful, to fund students working to develop Umple, research into Umple, and operation costs. A University of Ottawa charitable tax receipt will be issued">Donate&nbsp;</a></span>

</p><br />

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