Umpleonline Editable Class diagrams not showing methods specified by interfaces #911

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Brief Description

The Editable Diagram does not show the methods that are specified in an interface, while the GraphViz diagram does show the methods. The JSON file response from the server also contains no definition of the interface's methods.

Minimum Steps to Reproduce

Use as an example the class definitions found [here] (

  1. Copy/paste the class definitions into an umpleonline text definitions window.
  2. Select the "Editable Class" Diagram Type radio button and the "Methods" Show View checkbox.
  3. Use the browser console to inspect the XHR response from the server.

Expected Result

The "RegisterCapable" interface item should also display the following method: "+ registerForCourse(Course): Boolean".

The server response for the methods for the "RegisterCapable" interface item should be: "methods": [{ "type" : "boolean", "name" : "registerForCourse", "parameters" : "Course", "visibility" : "", "isAbstract" : "true"}],.

Actual Result

There is no method information displayed with the "RegisterCapable" interface item.

The server response for the methods for the "RegisterCapable" interface item: "methods": [],

Note that the "GraphViz Class" Diagram Type does show this method description.

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