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Umple Release 1.30.2

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@TimLethbridge TimLethbridge released this 09 Apr 20:40
· 1570 commits to master since this release

Umple release 1.30.2 contains all changes from August 9th 2020 to April 9th 2021

Various user manual improvements, including tool tips on the table of contents and the Next and Prev buttons, and added YouTube videos

The command line compiler gives better information when completing a build.

Ability to specify guards on entry and exit actions #1600

Multiple mixsets in one use statement #1664

Updates to Docker image to use newer dependencies

Making ump directory not part of the repo so it can be mapped to local storage

Various Umpleonline improvements, including:

  • A button to reindent code #1599
  • Improvements to task submission

Various bug fixes

  • State machine timer fix #1606
  • Fixes to Zipfile and Javadoc downloading
  • Fixes to rake command on Windows #1661

Several improvements to ant build scripts

The umple-n.n.n-rrrr-hhhhhhhh,jar is the command line compiler

When you do a build a symbolic link is made on linux and mac calling this umple.jar in the dist directory. The hhhhhhhh is the git commit, and the rrrr is an incrementing count of the number of commits to master.

For the latest Eclipse Plugin see
(usually released a while after each main release)

When you build Umple, you will also generate other jars including umpledocs, to create the user manual; umplerun, a special tool for simulation, umplesync, an an extended compiler used by Umpleonline.

For details on how to install see

See also for pre-built UmpleOnline environments you can run locally (Click on the Tags tab to see the available releases)