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Umple to SDL Notes

  This subproject is incomplete and experimental only, so far.

- Umple namespaces correspond to packages in SDL;

- Umple models represent SDL specifications, each consisting of a set of packages and a system.

- Umple classes represent SDL types, with the followinf stereotypes representing the different kinds
of entity types in SDL. The members of an Umple Class represent different SDL type properties,
depending on the stereotype:

    - "system";
    - "block";
    - "process";
    - "procedure";
    - "interface";
    - "object";
    - "value";
    - "state";
    - "signal";
- Umple State Machines represent state machines of agents;

- An Umple association represents the corresponding concept in SDL.

- Generalization (isA construct) represents the corresponding specialisation in SDL;

- The 'use' construct represents an SDL dependency indicating a package using another package