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This is currently under development.

This document walks through building an elections system using Umple. This case study is still under construction.


The case study covers building the election system using two languages:

  • Java - The Java version is a stand-alone application. There is a controller for every use case. The controller calls data services if required to perform database operations.
  • Php - The Php version needs some extra work using JavaScript, Ajax and HTML especially at front-end. Umple is used here to build services and domain objects. There is an entry page/link for every use case. This page is supported by JavaScript to communicate with the User and Ajax to communicate with the controller. The controller is a php file. This Php file is created outside Umple. The controller calls code from services to build the output in response to Ajax requests. Communications are made using JSON.
  • Shared Features
    • Domain objects are shared among the two applications.
    • Both version use the same MySQL database (this can be replace by your own choice of database).