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Elevator PHP

To help demonstrate tracing in action, let us start with a UML class diagram representing a simple Elevator system.

We provide a simple elevator example written in PHP to demonstrate certain aspects of the Umple language. The example is available live online at It can also be run locally.

The example will demonstrate how to edit the live version, but it can be applied to your local version with the same effect (simply update the paths).

The example is located in our repository under


If you have made changes to the Umple language that you wish to reflect in this example, you must recompile the application against the updated umple.jar. To deploy a new version of ElevatorPHP, run the following deployment script on the server.

  cd /h/ralph/umple/trunk/build/deploy && ./
  cd /h/ralph/sites/www/html/elevatorphp/class && ./

If instead, you would like to make "live" changes to the model, you can edit the "Extra.ump" file and then recompile.

  cd /h/ralph/sites/www/html/elevatorphp/class
  vi Extra.ump

You can run the application continuously, simply check off the "automatic" checkbox and the click on "Next".

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