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External References


This page is to record references to Umple externally. This can be on blogs, news articles, listings of software, projects that use Umple, etc. The more external references we have, the more users we will attract, and some of these might become contributors.

If you are a user or project member, please visit these sites, and 'vote' for Umple. That will help Umple gain support. The more support, the more features and the better quality we can hope to achieve.

Items below should be references that are beyond those central to the project (such as the UOttawa Umple home page, the Umple Github site, or Tim Lethbridge's blog posts on Umple).

Listings of available software

  • Ohloh.net listing for Umple. This list of open-source software has nice facilities for comparing Umple to other projects, based on tags and users. It also mirrors our Umple announcements mailing list and downloads and analyses our source code to create statistics. Please visit this site and register your support for Umple, so Umple appears high in the list of tools.

  • Freshmeat.net listing for Umple. This is one of the oldest and most respected open-source project listings. They track releases, so we need to publish our releases there in order to be seen as having high vitality. This listing is moderated. Please visit this listing and show your support as a user.

  • http://freecode.com/projects/umple Freecode.com

Wikipedia pages that mention Umple

Blog posts on external sites


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