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Managing Issues


The following are some guidelines for managing the issues:

  • Always search for an issue before making any changes. If there is no issue matching your work, add a new one.
  • Always add appropriate tags to your issues, including Type, Priority, and Component, plus any of the others that are relevant
  • If you are working on the issue or plan to in the next while, tag it as keyPortfolio

Current issue tags

Type-Defect          = Report of a software or documentation defect
Type-Enhancement     = Request for new functionality that is not a thesis or project topic
Type-ProjectUG       = Potential undergrad student project topic that may also be done by others
Type-ResearchGrad    = Research question or thesis topics that can be done in a graduate thesis or possibly an undergrad project
Type-Reengineering   = Request for improvement to internal quality
Type-Review          = Request for a source code review
Type-Publication     = Planned and in progress publications such as academic papers
Type-Other           = Some other kind of issue
Priority-Critical    = Must resolve in the specified milestone
Priority-High        = Strongly want to resolve in the specified milestone
Priority-Medium      = Normal priority
Priority-Low         = Might slip to later milestone
OpSys-All            = Affects all operating systems
OpSys-Windows        = Affects Windows users
OpSys-Linux          = Affects Linux users
OpSys-OSX            = Affects Mac OS X users
Milestone-Release1.0 = All essential functionality working
Component-Syntax     = Issue relates to syntax of the Umple Language, parsing, but likely also has implications in the metamodel and code generation
Component-Metamodel  = Issue relates to metamodel and metamodel instance population and does not require new sytnax or changes to syntax
Component-Eclipse    = Issue relates exclusively to Eclipse plugins, including XText plugin
Component-CompilerUI = Issue relates to compiler error messages, command line options etc.
Component-UmpleOnline = Issue relates to the UmpleOnline web app user interface and functionality
Component-SemanticsAndGen = Issue relates to semantics of Umple and code generation or generation of other outputs such as XMI etc.
Component-Tracing    = Issue relates to tracing, other than syntax and code generation
Component-UserDocs   = Issue relates to end-user documentation
Component-ContribDocs = Issue relates to architecture documentation, etc.
Component-Builder    = Build server
Component-Examples   = Issue relates to one of the Umple examples
Component-Promotion  = Promotion and marketing
Security             = Security risk to users
Correctness          = Correctness of the generated code
Performance          = Performance issue
Usability            = Affects program usability
Maintainability      = Hinders future changes
loadAndSave          = Loading and saving of Umple models online and displaying in websites
attributes           = Relates to attributes in Umple and UML
associations         = Relates to associations in Umple and UML
stateMachines        = Relates to state machines in Umple and UML
unique               = Relates to the unique keyword in Umple
singleton            = Relates to the singleton pattern
patterns             = Relates to patterns in Umple
aspectOriented       = Relates to the before and after keywords and other aspect-oriented features of Umple
PHP                  = Relates to PHP code generation, but not all other languages generated
Java                 = Relates to Java code generation, but not all other languages generated
cpp                  = Relates to C plus plus code generation, but not all other languages generated
Ruby                 = Relates to Ruby code generation, but not all other languages generated
Papyrus              = Relates to Papyrus XMI generation
ECore                = Relates to Ecore generation or import
XText                = Relates to XText parsing or XText Eclipse UI
layout               = UML diagram layout in UmpleOnline
simulator            = Simulator in umpleOnline
syntax               = implications for syntax, although syntax is not the central concern of this issue
examples             = Bugs in examples or suggestions for examples or management of examples
tracing              = support for tracing and MOTL aspects of Umple including interpretation of traces
keyPortfolio         = main planned thrusts of development in the near future
contribSought        = areas where we are particularly seeking contributors
ucosp                = current work areas by ucosp students - planned and possible in the next months