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Adding and modifying the examples in UmpleOnline

UmpleOnline has lists of examples that appear below 'Load'. This page describes how to add new examples.

Please note: Consult Tim Lethbridge before adding examples, since he wants to verify that they represent good modelling practice.

The core UmpleOnline examples are stored in the following subdirectory

  • umpleonline/ump This directory is deployed and is the main directory from which examples are loaded as UmpleOnline runs.

To modify or create an example

  • Modify/create the .ump file in the ump/umpleonline directory and add to git

  • If creating or renaming: Modify the menu code in umpleonline/umple.php so the example appears in the menu. Look for option name = "XX" value="XX.ump Note that there are separate lists of examples for state machines (which open automatically using graphviz state machine drawing, class diagrams and composite structure diagrams.

  • Create a svg image of the example and add it to the ump/imagecache and imagecachsm, and imagecachestructure directories (which are seen by web crawlers that access umpleonline without javascript)

  • Commit the changes and make sure that on the test server the examples are properly present. Then log onto the server (or have an admin do this) and run promoteuol real go

  • Add them to the Wiki Examples

Additional places where examples are found

  • There are examples in the user manual: build/reference/6TODO These should ideally be also tested and synod with the UmpleOnline examples. Figures for these are in umplewww

  • There are examples in umplewww Of particular importance is umplificationExample-PersonStudent

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