Performing a Full Build of Umple In Eclipse Using Ant

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Ant can be configured as an External Tool in Eclipse. Once properly setup, this allows an Umple developer to perform a full build of Umple (or any other kind of Umple build) from within Eclipse. To setup Ant to run inside Eclipse, follow these steps:

  1. In Eclipse, open Run -> External Tools -> External Tool Configurations...

  2. Double-click on Program to add the version of Ant you installed as part of the Development Environment Setup to Eclipse. This guide will use Ant to do a full build of Umple for us, but with minor modifications you can configure any type of Umple build you want.

  3. Name the build (e.g. External Ant Build)

  4. Specify the location of the copy of Ant you installed as part of the Development Environment Setup (i.e. the version of Ant you would use to do a command-line build). This location will vary from OS to OS and machine to machine, but on my Windows machine it was found here: C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\ant\apache-ant-1.9.7\bin\ant.bat. You should make sure your version matches whatever version was installed when you set up your development environment.

  5. Specify the Working Directory. In the Working Directory box, select Browse File System, and select the ...\umple\build repository.

  6. Specify Ant arguments. To do a full build on Windows enter -Dmyenv=wlocal. On Linux or Mac OS enter -Dmyenv=local.

  7. Hit Apply, then close the window.

See the screenshot below for an example of what the External Tool Configuration window might look like after following steps 1-6.

Now whenever you want to run a full build, simple navigate to Run -> External Tools -> {External Ant Build}, where {External Ant Build} is whatever you named the Ant build in step 1. The build output will be printed to the Eclipse console.


If you get a connection timeout exception when you try the full build, close Eclipse and run the build manually (i.e. on the command line) once. This somehow "resets" things so that you can use Ant from within Eclipse again.

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