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Help for those using Umple to model and program

The entries below are for _users_of Umple , i.e. those who want to model or program various types of systems using Umple.

Help for those developing and improving Umple

This section helps show you to enhance, edit and fix Umple itself. For example, perhaps you are extending the language with new constructs, or adding additional testing, or fixing a bug.

We suggest that the first thing you do is to learn to use Umple, as described above. Then you can learn to improve it by becoming a contributor, as described below

Git Help

To create a branch with changes you have made (or will make) then push so a PR can be made on github

git add WHATEVER

git status
git checkout -b NEWBRANCH
git commit -m 'DESCRIPTION'
git push --set-upstream origin NEWBRANCH

Repeat git push if you make further changes

Go on Github to make a pull request out of your changes.

<a href='Hidden comment: Please add back once we have real examples. = Tutorial Ideas (Empty Pages) =

The following tutorials have not been written yet, or have not be converted into Wiki format

  • [Tutorial_SettingUpDevelopmentEnvironment]
  • [Tutorial_AddNewLanguageFeature]
  • [Tutorial_CreateNewUmpleBuild]
  • [Tutorial_Updating_Umple_Xtext_Editor]
  • [Limitations]
  • [Trouble_Shooting]
  • [Architecture] '>
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