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Each UCOSP participant is asked to log all the steps they take as they make progress through the semester. This includes difficulties they faced (getting set up, understanding how to model in Umple, using UmpleOnline, code that is difficult to figure out, and development tools that are hard to figure out, or don't seem to work properly). The more log entries added the more we can better get a grip on the usability issues with Umple, and the more we can help future new contributors come up to speed. Please record entries in reverse chronological order # Log Entries ## 2018-09-07 2018-09-11 I tried to set up Umple on my machine. I got it working up to the step 3d Additional projects in Eclipse. I am still getting errors in cruise.umple project after I finish this step. I had no errors after step 3c. I am planning to confirm during the call what is referred as "Working copy". In particular, project is displayed in Eclipse as "umple master", so I am not sure if it was supposed to be a branch. I also tried UmpleOnline. 2018-09-11 I have tried to re-configure Eclipse, I believe original errors I had are gone. Current error: deps-manual: [echo] Fetching manual dependencies [echo] Fetching org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.jar [echo] WARNING: This is merely wget-itng http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/kepler/sr1/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.201309180223.jar [get] Getting: http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/kepler/sr1/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.201309180223.jar [get] To: C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\dist\libs\manual\org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.201309180223.jar [get] http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/kepler/sr1/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.201309180223.jar moved to http://saimei.ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/kepler/sr1/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core_5.5.0.201309180223.jar [get] Not modified - so not downloaded [echo] Resolving configuration: validator [ivy:resolve] :: loading settings :: file = ivysettings.xml [ivy:retrieve] conflict on C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\dist\libs\validator\org.eclipse.jdt.core.jar in [validator]: 3.14.0 won [ivy:retrieve] conflict on C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\dist\libs\validator\asm.jar in [validator]: 5.0.1 won [echo] Resolving configuration: test [javac] Compiling 940 source files to C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\cruise.umple.validator\bin [javac] C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\cruise.umple.validator\src-gen-umple\cruise\umple\validator\JavaCodeGenValidator.java:99: error: incompatible types: Map cannot be converted to Map [javac] parser.setCompilerOptions(options); [javac] ^ [javac] where CAP#1,CAP#2 are fresh type-variables: [javac] CAP#1 extends Object from capture of ? [javac] CAP#2 extends Object from capture of ? [javac] Note: C:\Users\vasha\Desktop\year 4\UMPLE\umple\cruise.umple.validator\src-gen-umple\cruise\umple\validator\JavaCodeGenValidator.java uses or overrides a deprecated API. [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. [javac] Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. [javac] Note: Some messages have been simplified; recompile with -Xdiags:verbose to get full output [javac] 1 error BUILD FAILED I spent time learning more about testing in Umple. I picked up bug "String constants in constraints generate invalid code #1327". The problem there is that we are not escaping double quotes with a backslash in the resulting Java code: Instead of //------------------------ // CONSTRUCTOR //------------------------ public X(String aS1) { s1 = aS1; if (aS1.equals("cat")) { throw new RuntimeException("Please provide a valid s1 ["cat"object!=s1]"); } } Should be //------------------------ // CONSTRUCTOR //------------------------ public X(String aS1) { s1 = aS1; if (aS1.equals("cat")) { throw new RuntimeException("Please provide a valid s1 [\"cat\"object!=s1]"); } } I was learning about the overall architecture and trying to find what generates this line.
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