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We will attempt to establish a Google+ hangout today at 15:00. If it doesn't work out for everybody ... fine. I have never done it before. We will see how it works.

The agenda is getting to know each other a little, talking about key problems and planning a little. The idea is to get you all a little more towards being 'up to speed' before we get together next Friday in Vancouver.

If it turns out to be an utter failure, we can try to do it on Skype instead at 15:30.

14:22 Adam and Song Bae have noted that they cannot join

Currently meeting with Miguel (prior to the 15:00 official start.

14:22 Things we need to do to fix students' problems

Get rid of YouTube videos as they are out of date

Mention 'converting the project to a plug-in project' in the DevelopmentSetUp

14:27 Miguel just built the development environment on Windows 7 - live in the hangout.

All worked fine, although he did notice one improvement needed to the instructions. He has edited DevelopmentSetUp. We also suggest not following the YouTube video as it seems out of date.

He is now building with ant to see if there are any issues with that.

14:34 Miguel has had to solve a few problems

He had to install ant properly, and also had to deal with an issue related to 32 bit java vs. 64 bit java.

Miguel is hav

14:42 James Zhao joined us

He is having video trouble. We can see him, but he can't see us, not him. He is trying a different browser.

14:55 James has come back, using Firefox, and all is fine


James joined.

Both Jordan and James are on macs and have test failure

In Eclipse, the suggestion is to: Remove tools.jar and remove umple.jar from Libraries in Eclipse.

Jordan is trying this.

You also have to install XText and Jet. Jordan is now doing this.

The libraries have to be in the right order.

James's problem was that he had not based his Eclipse environment on the Indigo modelling tools version.


We ended the call. Jordan and James will be working to re-create their Eclipse environments following the above hints.

The use of Google+ hangouts seems to have been a superb success.

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