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Except for the first item, please report all your findings in your UCOSP Log.

  1. Write a brief welcome message to umple-dev@googlegroups.com

  2. Re-create a model from a past assignment (big or small) in umpleonline and paste the saved URL in your log

  3. Run a full build (required or creating a catch), all tests should pass, how many are there

  4. Add a test to umple project (any test), and create a valid patch (please send to aforward@gmail.com)

  5. Load the umple projects into eclipse, and provide a screenshot in your log

  6. Change the welcome comment in the generated Java code (UmpleToJava project), create a new version of Umple, re-generate your code from #1 to observe the changes

  7. Install umpleonline locally, and generate some Java code (if you did #6, then you should see your updated welcome message at the top of the file

  8. How long was the most recent build on the build server?

  9. When did the build last break? How long was it broken for?

  10. Find an easy bug in bugs.umple.org, resolve it and send a patch

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