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UIGU is the first attempt to add a visual illustration of an Umple class model. UIGU use the Java Server Faces (JSF) technology and hence needs a running application server to host the generated code.


One issue you might face when using UIGU in umple online is the unavailability of service. Most often this will go away by trying to reload the frame but sometimes you might need to try again later. The reason is that the Tomcat server has to manage up to 100 applications that are dynamically deployed to it, which is not exactly what Tomcat is supposed to do. This problem won't happen if you just download the the generated WAR, place it in your own local Tomcat applications directory and restart Tomcat because in that case, Tomcat will be loaded completely prepared to manage your application.

Other limitations are as follow:

  • A UIGU file needs to have one and only one namespace. In order to avoid issues on Umple Online, all namespaces are removed and replaced with one single default namespace uigu. If running UIGU locally, you should make sure there is one namespace only in your code.
  • UIGU doesn't accept attributes of types other than basic data types (Boolean, Float, Double, Integer, Character, ...). If a class needs an attribute of type another class, it must be defined as an association.
  • UIGU will fail if you provide a class with the same name as the namespace.