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#This page summarizes all the required changes to Umple as needed by the Umplificator tool.


JHotDraw consists of the following parts:

Drawing Framework This framework provides the building blocks for the creation of vector drawing editors. It is located in the {org.jhotdraw.draw} package and its sub-packages.

Application Framework This framework supports the creation of document oriented applications which want to support platform-specific guidelines of the operating system on which they are being executed. It is located in the {} package and its sub-packages.

Sample Applications and Applets The samples are located in sub-packages of the {org.jhotdraw.samples} package.

Supporting classes The supporting classes are located in the remaining packages.


  • jHotDraw7 has removed its dependencies with the SpringFramework. However, some annotations are still needed:
@Override and @Nullable (NPE check)
  • Possibility to use other List classes when defining associations. Ex. LinkedList or any implementation class from the Java Collections Framework. Sometimes LinkedList is needed for fast manipulation or for Queue and Stack purposes. In some cases it is mandatory to have a data structure such as ArrayList for fast random access.
  • Ordered and unordered lists.
  • Duplicates and no duplicates data structures
  • Java generic classes such as
public class GenericClas<T> {}

cannot be generated in Umple