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java -jar umplificator.jar -level=0 -dir -path=OUTPUT_DIR inputFile

* inputFile can be an UmpleFile, JavaFile or Source directory (containing java/umple files)
* level: can be 0,1,2
* dir (optional): creates directories based on package names
* path: the output directory name where the umple files will be located

Example: java -jar umplificator.jar -level=0 -dir -path=src-umple

The output will be an umple file, named Test.ump, and that will be located inside the src-umple folder.

To Build Local Copy of Umplificator

Build the Umple project, and the umplificator.jar will appear in your ./dist directory

cd ./trunk/build
ant -Dmyenv=local -f build.umple.xml build-umplificator
cd ../dist
ls -la | grep umplificator.jar

Get Metrics from Umple file

To obtain the number of attributes, associations and other interesting metrics about your umplified code, use the umple.jar:

java -jar umple.jar -g CodeAnalysis Test.ump
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