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rtnews-ui - Клиентская сторона для новой версии news.radio-t.com

Полное описание задачи можно подсмотреть здесь

Feeds API

  • GET /api/v1/feeds - list of feeds
  • POST /api/v1/feeds - add feed, needs at least {feedlink: url}
  • DELETE /api/v1/feeds/:id - delete feed by id

feed record

        "active": true,
        "feedlink": "http://www.instapaper.com/folder/1733843/rss/470308/Epogj3Ubs5DdJJnUdVD2HUAKSk",
        "id": "566283bd4e1ad997adf3f532",
        "updated": "2015-12-05T06:27:09.449Z"

News API

  • basic news ops

  • POST /api/v1/news - add article

  • GET /api/v1/news - get all news, except deleted. Strps "content" field

  • GET /api/v1/news/id/:id - get full article by id, including "content"

  • GET /api/v1/news/last/:count - get last articles

  • GET /api/v1/news/slug/:slug - get article by slug

  • GET /api/v1/news/domain/#domain - get articles for domain

  • DELETE /api/v1/news/:id - delete by id (mark as deleted)

  • delete/archive ops

  • PUT /api/v1/news/undelete/:id - undelete by id (clear deleted status)

  • GET /api/v1/news/del - get deleted articles

  • PUT /api/v1/news/archive/:id - archive article by id

  • GET /api/v1/news/archive - get list of archives articles

  • move

  • PUT /api/v1/news/move/:pos/:offset - move from pos with +/- offset

  • PUT /api/v1/news/moveid/:id/:offset - move from id with +/- offset

  • GET /api/v1/news/positions - get positions as {id:pos, id1:pos1 ...}

  • activation

  • PUT /api/v1/news/active/:id - activate article by id

  • GET /api/v1/news/active - get active article

  • GET /api/v1/news/active/href - get active article as {title:foo, url:bar}

  • GET /api/v1/news/active/id - get id of active article as {id:xyz}

  • GET /api/v1/news/active/last/:hrs - get articles activated in last hrs

  • DELETE /api/v1/news/active/last/:hrs - archive all article activate in last :hrs

  • GET /api/v1/news/lastmd/:hrs, - get markdown of recently activated`

  • GET /api/v1/news/active/wait/:secs - wait for change of active up to :secs

  • marking

  • PUT /api/v1/news/nogeek/:id - mark as geek-article by id

  • PUT /api/v1/news/geek/:id - mark as regular (non-geek) by id

  • miscs

  • GET /api/v1/news/rss/:count - get rss feed with last (by time) :count

  • PUT /api/v1/news/reload - force reprocessing of all RSS feeds

  • PUT /api/v1/show/start - save start time (used by markdown request)

  • GET /api/v1/show/start - return saved start time

article (news) records

    "active": false,
    "activets": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "archived": false,
    "ats": "2015-12-05T06:29:05.414Z",
    "author": "",
    "comments": 0,
    "content": "At GitHub we place an emphasis on stability, ....... CAN BE REALLY BIG ..."
    "del": false,
    "domain": "",
    "exttitle": "",
    "feed": "http://www.instapaper.com/rss/94339/obmip3D4ed6h67x3zX1oNbNWCYw",
    "geek": true,
    "id": "566284314e1ad997adf3f56a",
    "likes": 0,
    "link": "http://githubengineering.com/githubs-metal-cloud/",
    "origlink": "http://githubengineering.com/githubs-metal-cloud/",
    "pic": "http://githubengineering.com/images/githubs-metal-cloud/gpanel-chassis-view.png",
    "position": 0,
    "slug": "github-s-metal-cloud-github-engineering",
    "snippet": "At GitHub we place an emphasis on stability, availability, and performance. A large component of ensuring we excel in these areas is deploying services on bare-metal hardware. This allows us to…",
    "title": "GitHub's Metal Cloud - GitHub Engineering",
    "ts": "2015-12-05T05:17:21Z",
    "votes": 0

по поводу нескольких ts (тут их целых 3) могут быть резонные вопросы:

  1. activets – момент активации новости
  2. ts – время новости из rss
  3. ats – когда новость добавлена в систему