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Welcome to the MRover wiki! This is the primary source of documentation and tutorials for MRover Software. Check out the right sidebar for specific information!


If you've recently joined, make sure you have access to the Google Drive and Slack (ask a lead if you don't).

If you notice any part of this wiki being out-of-date, conflicting with something else, or just unclear, please let a lead know or open an issue with the documentation label.

Important Links


Reach out to the 2022-2023 Software Branch Lead, Cameron Tressler, at Leave (optionally-anonymous) feedback for Cameron Tressler here.

Reach out to all the 2022-2023 software leads at


MRover, and specifically the Software Branch, is committed to creating an environment in which all members are comfortable. Any student at UMich should be able to join the Software Branch, put in the work, and feel included as a valued member. A culture of inclusivity will lead to Software members being able to contribute their best work and get the most out of their experience.

All MRover Software members, from leads to returners to new members, are responsible for contributing to and maintaining a welcoming and collaborative environment. If you as an individual have any concerns at any time, please tell a lead. One option is the feedback form for Cameron Tressler linked above. You can also reach out to Hunter Gandee, the Internal Relations Officer, or another EBoard member.