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Change the tempo on podcasts as they download and store the completed files in Dropbox.
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The Greatest Podcast Download Script Ever Written In The History Of The Universe

First and foremost the name of this script is a joke so no hard feelings to all the other scripts out there.

With this script you can:

  • Add/delete podcasts from your list
  • Change the tempo of the podcasts so you can listen to them faster (Without resorting to having the hosts sound like chipmunks)
  • Set the storage directory to a sub directory of your Dropbox folder. This way all your downloaded podcasts are available everywhere.
  • Create/modify a crontab entry for downloading all your podcasts.

Note: I have been using this script on my own machines with no issues but this is still very fresh code so please, use at your own risk.


All you have to do is make sure the files:

  • mp3faster.bash

are executable (by using chmod +x) and the script will take care of the rest.

When run it will check for dependencies and alert you if you are missing any (this check can take some time). I have only tested this on an Arch Linux system so I can't guarantee the dependency check will work perfectly on other systems. If you find any errors please open up an issue with as much information as you can.

Sample Podcasts

If you are new to podcasting or are looking for some new shows here is what my bp.conf looks like: 0 90 90 82 0 90 82 82 82

As you can see I like to speed up the shows quite a bit. Podcasts marked with a 0 are not sped up, just downloaded. Reason being I prefer to listen to music filled shows in regular speed.


Feel free to fork and send pull requests. Contributions welcome.


I have to give huge credit to slmingol for his tutorial at

He did all of the heavy lifting. I simply took his modifications and adjusted them to work with my command line interface.

In turn I have to give major props to the author of the mp3faster script found in the gpodder wiki as well as the great bashpodder script written by Linc.


This script is open source software released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3.

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