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package aqbanking
import (
#cgo LDFLAGS: -laqbanking
#cgo LDFLAGS: -lgwenhywfar
#cgo darwin CFLAGS: -I/usr/local/include/gwenhywfar5
#cgo darwin CFLAGS: -I/usr/local/include/aqbanking6
#cgo linux CFLAGS: -I/usr/include/gwenhywfar5
#cgo linux CFLAGS: -I/usr/include/aqbanking6
#include <aqbanking/banking.h>
import "C"
// Transaction represents an aqbanking transaction
type Transaction struct {
Type string
SubType string
Status string
TransactionKey string
Purpose string
Text string
Date time.Time
ValutaDate time.Time
CustomerReference string
EndToEndReference string
Value Value
Fee Value
MandateID string
MandateDate *time.Time
LocalBankCode string
LocalAccountNumber string
LocalIBAN string
LocalBIC string
LocalName string
RemoteBankCode string
RemoteAccountNumber string
RemoteIBAN string
RemoteBIC string
RemoteName string
// Value is an amount with an optional currency
type Value struct {
Amount float32
Currency string
func newValue(value *C.AB_VALUE) Value {
return Value{
Amount: float32(C.AB_Value_GetValueAsDouble(value)),
Currency: C.GoString(C.AB_Value_GetCurrency(value)),
func newTransaction(t *C.AB_TRANSACTION) *Transaction {
v := C.AB_Transaction_GetValue(t)
if v == nil {
return nil
transaction := Transaction{
Type: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_Type_toString(C.AB_Transaction_GetType(t))),
SubType: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_SubType_toString(C.AB_Transaction_GetSubType(t))),
Status: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_Status_toString(C.AB_Transaction_GetStatus(t))),
TransactionKey: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetTransactionKey(t)),
Purpose: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetPurpose(t)),
Text: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetTransactionText(t)),
CustomerReference: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetCustomerReference(t)),
EndToEndReference: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetEndToEndReference(t)),
MandateID: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetMandateId(t)),
Date: gwenDateToTime(C.AB_Transaction_GetDate(t)),
ValutaDate: gwenDateToTime(C.AB_Transaction_GetValutaDate(t)),
Value: newValue(v),
LocalIBAN: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetLocalIban(t)),
LocalBIC: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetLocalBic(t)),
LocalBankCode: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetLocalBankCode(t)),
LocalAccountNumber: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetLocalAccountNumber(t)),
LocalName: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetLocalName(t)),
RemoteIBAN: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetRemoteIban(t)),
RemoteBIC: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetRemoteBic(t)),
RemoteBankCode: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetRemoteBankCode(t)),
RemoteAccountNumber: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetRemoteAccountNumber(t)),
RemoteName: C.GoString(C.AB_Transaction_GetRemoteName(t)),
if date := C.AB_Transaction_GetMandateDate(t); date != nil {
time := gwenDateToTime(date)
transaction.MandateDate = &time
if fees := C.AB_Transaction_GetFees(t); fees != nil {
transaction.Fee = newValue(fees)
return &transaction
// Transactions implements AB_TransactionGetTransactions_new from aqbanking, listing
// all transactions from a given aqbanking instance
func (ab *AQBanking) Transactions(acc *Account, from *time.Time, to *time.Time) ([]Transaction, error) {
// create a list to which banking commands are added
cmdList := C.AB_Transaction_List2_new()
defer C.AB_Transaction_List2_free(cmdList)
// create an online banking command
t := C.AB_Transaction_new()
C.AB_Transaction_SetCommand(t, C.AB_Transaction_CommandGetTransactions)
C.AB_Transaction_SetUniqueAccountId(t, C.uint(acc.ID))
if from != nil {
C.AB_Transaction_SetFirstDate(t, (*C.GWEN_DATE)(newGwenDate(*from)))
if to != nil {
C.AB_Transaction_SetLastDate(t, (*C.GWEN_DATE)(newGwenDate(*to)))
// add command to the list
C.AB_Transaction_List2_PushBack(cmdList, t)
ctx := C.AB_ImExporterContext_new()
defer C.AB_ImExporterContext_free(ctx)
if err := C.AB_Banking_SendCommands(ab.ptr, cmdList, ctx); err < 0 {
return nil, newError("unable to send command", err)
ai := C.AB_ImExporterContext_GetFirstAccountInfo(ctx)
if ai == nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("unable to get first account info")
var transactions []Transaction
for ai != nil {
t = C.AB_ImExporterAccountInfo_GetFirstTransaction(ai, 0, 0)
for t != nil {
if transaction := newTransaction(t); transaction != nil {
transactions = append(transactions, *transaction)
t = C.AB_Transaction_List_Next(t)
ai = C.AB_ImExporterAccountInfo_List_Next(ai)
return transactions, nil
// AllTransactions implements AB_TransactionGetTransactions_new without filter
func (ab *AQBanking) AllTransactions(acc *Account) ([]Transaction, error) {
return ab.Transactions(acc, nil, nil)