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Update version string everywhere.
Better logging when connection fails.
Update Changelog!
Fix compile on *BSD (J Sisson).
Fix building on OS X.
Support for PolarSSL 1.1.x.
Admin user via token password.
Mute/deafen/kick and optionally ban for admin user.
Optionally save banlist to file.
Bans via IP and user certificate.
Banlist editing in Mumble.
Option added to disallow text messages.
Release codename added.
Some other random fixes e.g. 'self deaf' also 'self mutes'.
Add channel passwords support. 'password = "<password>";' in channel configuration.
Remove pointless CA cert handling with PolarSSL. Did not work anyway...
Add support for PolarSSL v1.x.x. v0.x.x is still supported.
Fix portability issues in configure script. Add poll.h to header checks.
Fix unneccesary fatal exit when client is disconnected due to SSL error.
Add configuration test flag to umurmurd (-t).
Autotools build system implemented by Diaoul
Add configuration option to log to file.
Fix codec alpha/beta in message to client.
Some random cleanup.
Privilege dropping support added. Enable in conf file. (from tilman2)
PID file fixes + various other fixes by tilman2.
Configuration file errors now goes to the log instead of stderr.
BSD fixes by J Sisson.
Update Mumble protocol to 1.2.3.
Add support for UserStats message.
Add support for recording.
Change error handling from fatal + exit to just warn when fail to set
TOS for UDP socket.
Fix mute/unmute status not showing up properly in GUI in the other
Fix false 'authenticated' status showing up for other clients.
Add bind IP and port to commandline parameters.
Update Protobuf-C to 0.14.
Fsked up the 0.2.3 release with a bad Makefile... Fixed in this one.
Fix byte order confusion which made uMurmur not work on big endian
Fix server crash when user adding an Access Token while connected to the
Fix server crash when dragging the self user from a temporary channel and
dropping it back into the very same temporary channel.
Just a version string update (accidentally was left at "0.2.0-beta2" in
release 0.2.0).
Lots of changes. Highlights:
Uses Mumble protocol 1.2.x, meaning that clients 1.2.x are supported.
Support for PolarSSL as an alternative to OpenSSL.
Whisper target to channels, channel trees and linked channels.
Temporary channels can be created by users.
Channel links can be configured in the configuration file.
Channels can be configured non-enterable in configuration file.
Positional audio is stripped if users are not in the same plugin context
(playing the same game).
Fix TCP-mode memory leak.
Add command-line switch to enable realtime priority
Increase max string size
Force a close when inactivity timer triggers
Correct log levels
Initial release
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