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University of Miami Wave Model
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University of Miami Wave Model (UMWM)

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A third-generation spectral ocean wave model.

This is the reference implementation of UMWM, described by Donelan et al. (2012). UMWM solves the wave energy balance equation on a curvilinear grid. It has been used to simulate:

  • Global swell and windsea
  • Waves in coastal and hurricane conditions
  • Wave-induced material transport (Stokes drift)
  • Ancient Martian seas and methane lakes on Titan
  • Waves in laboratory settings such as wave tanks

Getting started

Getting the code

git clone --recursive

System dependencies

  • make
  • cmake
  • GNU, Intel, or Cray Fortran compiler
  • NetCDF for I/O
  • MPI for parallel processing (optional)

Building UMWM

Edit the following variables in the top-level Makefile:

  • FC: Fortran compiler (e.g. mpif90 for parallel builds)
  • FCFLAGS: Flags to pass to the Fortran compiler
  • CPPFLAGS: Pre-processor flags -- set to -DMPI if building for parallel execution, and leave blank for serial builds.

Path to the NetCDF library must be set as NETCDF environment variable. If your library is installed in non-standard directories (something other than $NETCDF/lib for library files and $NETCDF/include for modules) edit the NETCDFLIB and NETCDFINC variables in src/Makefile.

Type make. Executable umwm will be built in the top-level directory. Auxilliary tools executables will be built in tools/. Documentation will be built in docs/.

Running UMWM

Running in serial mode:


Running in parallel, for example on 16 cores:

mpiexec -n 16 ./umwm

Read the docs for more information.


See publications for a full list of publications.


UMWM development is currently supported by NSF Award 1745384. It has previously been supported by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative and the National Oceanographic Partnership Program.

UMWM has also been improved by a number of open source contributors.

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