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Estimating Electricity Consumption from Household Surveys
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Electricity Consumption Surveys

Estimating the demand for electricity is a critical step in the design of a medium to long term energy plan. Frequently, estimates are based on time series with few observation points or on data from other countries or regions. Microsimulation models use household surveys to offer an alternative estimation route based on observed electricity demand by households with different incomes.

Getting Started

This repository contains a python module : IPCmicrosimTool that can be used to run micro-simulation. It contains 2 basic component :


  • Python 2.7 installed on your machine. Follow the installation instruction on their downloads page. If you are using brew on your OSX, run this command on your terminal :
$ brew install python
  • Required libraries installed on your machine. Run this command on your terminal :
$ pip install numpy
$ pip install scipy
$ pip install pandas
$ pip install matplotlib
$ pip install patsy
$ pip install statsmodel
  • (Optional) iPython installed on your machine
$ pip install ipython
$ pip install mpltools


  1. Clone this repository / download the zip file
  2. Navigate to ipc_microsim_tool folder

Method 1 : Using python CLI

  1. Run python by typing this command on your terminal
$ python
  1. Import the module
from ipc_microsim_tool import IPCmicrosimTool as imt

Method 2 : Using ipython

  1. Run ipython by typing this command on your terminal
$ ipython notebook
  1. Navigate to localhost:8888/tree on your browser
  2. Open ipc_microsim_tool.ipynb

Built With

  • python (2.7)
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • pandas
  • matplotlib
  • patsy
  • statsmodels


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