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Python Email Ahoy

A Python email utility that verifies existence of an email address

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A Python email utility that verifies existence of an email address.

How to install

1. easy_install python-emailahoy
2. pip install python-emailahoy
3. git clone
    a. cd python-emailahoy
    b. run python
4. wget
    a. unzip the downloaded file
    b. cd into python-emailahoy-* directory
    c. run python

How to use

Use the class for more control & more granular return status

from emailahoy import VerifyEmail
e = VerifyEmail()
status = e.verify_email_smtp(
if e.was_found(status):
    print >> sys.stderr, "Found:", status
elif e.not_found(status):
    print >> sys.stderr, "Not Found:", status
    print >> sys.stderr, "Unverifiable:", status

Use the shorthand function for quick check

if verify_email_address(''):
    print >> sys.stderr, "Found"
    print >> sys.stderr, "Don't care"


1. Not all email servers will return the correct status
2. Checking an invalid email address returns within 1 second
3. Checking a valid email address returns within 4 seconds or more

Running the tests

To run the tests against the current environment:



Released under a (BSD) license.