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Personal Goals

Personal goals made open source.

Why? Spending the time to get shit done. I'm open sourcing these goals for accessibility across computers I use, transparency, accountability, and versioning.

Overarching Goals

  1. Contribute to Open Source
  2. Write more blog posts
  3. Use _______ more
  4. Get better at _______
  5. Learn about _______
  6. Be kind

November 00, 2014

This Week's Goal: Be Awesome.

Things I'll Do This Week:

  • Play with puppies
  • Watch 2 videos from my content list about ______
  • Write a blog post
  • Continue learning about narwhals
  • Create slides for my talk about music
  • Send Una a nice email (una.kravets@gmail.com)
  • Read this blog post

Things I'll Do This Month: November 2014

  • Read a book
  • Create a website for my dog
  • Teach my dog how to fetch me beer
  • Build a castle out of cardboard
  • Submit a proposal for a thing
  • Come up with a new side project

Backlog: Side Projects :)

Backlog: Code Things I Want to Do/Play With

  1. Create yeoman generator
  2. Build a robot that takes over the world