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base fork: unak/mruby
base: 4b64f2ad67
head fork: unak/mruby
compare: 3978f17470
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Commits on Apr 20, 2012
@fceller fceller fixed wrong malloc size 5d9945b
@fceller fceller linux compiler does not like double use of va_list b831887
@mame mame make %(foo) work dd1527c
roco removed extra tabs and spaces 31eb86c
roco corrected some grammar and spelling issues 5352be3
roco another spelling issue 1105ec8
roco updated English text to reflect original Japanese 908ac84
roco Translate TODO list b9f11d5
roco remove old TODO list 95373cb
@unak In mruby.h, there is no definitions of RSTRING_* here, so cannot comp…
…ile if the compiler is not GCC.
@unak MRUBY_OBJECT_HEADER is always used with `;', but, in the definition o…
…f a struct, you cannot include any statement except declarations, even if the statement is void statement.
@unak void* does not have its size. d2a3852
@unak the type of return values of tr->func_ii() and tr->func_si() is alrea…
…dy mrb_value, so no need to cast.
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano Merge pull request #7 from rystyle/master
Text corrections.
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano Update MITL.ja 7216c24
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano Update README 0395e2d
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano Update README 2c02bc2
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano Update README.ja cb0badf
@matz matz Merge pull request #2 from fceller/master
Fix for Linux
@matz matz Merge pull request #5 from mame/fix-percent-notation
make %(foo) work
@matz matz Merge pull request #8 from unak/c-spec
Please respect the specification of C
@TJ-Hidetaka-Takano TJ-Hidetaka-Takano mod: mRuby -> mruby dc2c98a
@mimaki mimaki typo fixed in irep.h d67cd99
@mimaki mimaki Merge branch 'master' of 4be3ca5
@mimaki mimaki add file header in mruby.h 43683ec
@unak Visual C++ support. 9abf36e
@unak fixed merge conflict. b422b4e
@unak Merge branch 'visualc' of into visualc
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