Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Release version 2.14.4
Project website:

This is a GPL release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries thanks to
Enlight Software which granted the ability to license the game under a
free and open source license in 2009. See the file "COPYING" for the
details of the license. We are indebted to Enlight for making the 7kfans
project possible and giving a new chance to build a community for fans
of the game.

Who should use this version of 7KAA?
 * Any linux user.
 * Anyone who wants to try the latest bugfixes.
 * Anyone who likes the slightly improved game play.

Who shouldn't use this version of 7KAA?
 * Any multiplayer user under Windows. The new netcode, while it promises
   actual cross-platform capatability, does not work well in lobby, nor
   does not work on anything other than LAN (VPN okay) and 2 players. Please
   use 2.13.xx series with DPlay instead if stability and full-features are

Changes in this release:
 * Added the game data to the source tree.
 * Added an NSIS install script.
 * Started rewriting the lobby code to be UDP instead of TCP. It is not done
   and does not work properly for >2 player or over anything but LAN. The game
   port is now UDP 19255.

Thanks to all who made this release possible.

What you will find in this archive
* The GPL source and data files.

What you will NOT find in this archive
* The original game music. The are provided in a separate package from It is not under the GPL license, but it is free to download
  and use with 7KAA.
* The original translations resource file. This file was created by third
  party distributors and Enlight does not have the right to distribute it.
  This will be replaced by the 7kfans project.
* Any other content from original game CDs, game manual including the version
  2.12b game binary or older. This also includes the I*Magic Online service.

Building the game

General Requirements
* GCC 4.xx or later
* SDL 2.0.2
* SDL_net
* OpenAL
* Autoconf (when using git snapshot)
* gettext 0.18 or later

You can download the game data if you do not already have the game
installed. You can find the game data from the 7kfans sourceforge
page at

To patch the game:
Copy the executable file "7kaa*" from the src/client directory to your
installed game directory.  Run the 7kaa.exe executable to start the game
instead of the classic Enlight version called 7k.exe.

There are precompiled win32 install packages available.