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Inspire, empower & engage communities with Science & Technology.

Open Science Centre (OSC) fosters the sustainable development of local communities through science and technology. Open Science Centre is an engaging learning space based on open standards: open architecture, open education, open technology & open science

Science and technology are engines for a global sustainable development. However, science and technology remain inaccessible for most citizens because currently there is no way for them to discover this knowledge. The vision of OSC is bring science and technology to all the communities, as the best tool for their sustainable development. That's why Open Science Centre is low-cost, flexible, participatory, and based in open standards. OSC will follow an integrated approach to Science and Technology education.

OSC development is focused on 5 main areas: Architecture; Construction; Educational Content; Networks and Community Development and Evaluation. OSC will engage everyone with current and cutting edge knowledge through the following themes: Our Wonderful Universe, Our Fragile Earth, Energy, Life, Humans.

The Open Science Centre will be available in the following modes:

Do-it-Yourself OSC, Out-of-Box OSC, Full-Fledged OSC.

You can know more about the project in our website:


A project to inspire, empower & engage citizens with Science & Technology




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