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emacs lunfardo

Emacs struggles to replicate a heavy, graphically rich, programming GUI. Similarly, tools like Visual Studio struggle to replicate the flexibility and customizability of Emacs.

🐼 got emacs? emacs distribution with sane defaults

The Zen of Emacs: Learn to love the power and ignore the arbitrariness

In the mid XIX century, Buenos Aires was pullulating with immigrants, mainly Spanish and Italian. Many of them were impoverished and blended in with the already-poor locals: the descendents of aborigins and african slaves.

From the amalgam of the newcomers' languages with Argentina's 'castilian', emerged ther slang known as Lunfardo.

It was created by criminals, mainly to avoid being understood by prison guards.

It was disseminated thanks to 'tango' lyrics, a music which was born as suburban, marginal and was swiftly forbidden by the Church and higher classes. Tango was played and danced in ports, brothels, bars and prisons.

Nowadays, Lunfardo has blended into the castilian language and is part of its idiosincrasy.

ready, steady, go!

###installing Emacs To use the Lunfardo you have to install Emacs first. Have a look at the WikiEmacs articles on installing Emacs.

###installing Lunfardo Assuming you're using an Unix-like OS (*BSD, GNU/Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc), you already have Emacs 24 installed, as well as git & curl you can skip the whole manual and just type in your favorite shell the following command:

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/unbalancedparentheses/emacs-lunfardo.git ~/.emacs.d/ 

key bindings

Here's a list of key bindings

haven't you used emacs before?

basic elisp

if you come from the best modal editor

##it's a kind of magit

got emacs?

emacs package growth

this is how you feel when you configure emacs