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In the mid XIX century, Buenos Aires was pullulating with immigrants, mainly Spanish and Italian. Many of them were impoverished and blended in with the already-poor locals: the descendents of aborigins and african slaves.

From the amalgam of the newcomers' languages with Argentina's 'castilian', emerged ther slang known as Lunfardo.

It was created by criminals, mainly to avoid being understood by prison guards.

It was disseminated thanks to 'tango' lyrics, a music which was born as suburban, marginal and was swiftly forbidden by the Church and higher classes. Tango was played and danced in ports, brothels, bars and prisons.

Nowadays, Lunfardo has blended into the castilian language and is part of its idiosincrasy.

Table of Contents

ready, steady, go!

Installing Emacs

Mac OS X

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
brew cask install emacs

Installing Lunfardo

Assuming you're using an Unix-like OS (*BSD, GNU/Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc), you already have Emacs 24 installed, as well as git & curl you can skip the whole manual and just type in your favorite shell the following command:

curl -L | sh

haven't you used emacs before?

basic elisp

if you come from the best modal editor

it's a kind of magit

key bindings

Here's a list of key bindings


Keybinding Command
Ctrl-g Cancel partially typed or accidental command
fd Press fd quickly to escape from insert state and everything else thanks to evil escape
Super-o Open file. C-z or TAB or will performs the default action, which is different depending on the context. When you are on a file it will show only this file-name in the helm buffer. On a directory it will step down into this directory to continue searching in it. C-.will navigate to the root of current dir or to precedent level of dir.
Super-f Find in file
Super-F Run ag incrementally. You need to have ag installed. Execute C-z to see the file content temporarily
Super-z Undo
Super-r Redo
Super-u Undo tree
Super-I Opens init file
Super-Y Copy region to private gist
Super-p Find file inside project
Super-P Find file inside project or switch projects
Super-/ Comment or uncomment
Super-l Go to line
Super-e Expand selection
Super-d Mark next like this
Super-u Undo tree
Super-T Git timemachine
Super-B Browse file in github
Super-t Interface to both Semantic and Imenu at the same time
Super-m Magit status
Super-G Google suggest
Super-H Describe bindings
Ctrl-x space Region mark mode

Window and buffer management

Keybinding Command
Ctrl-x 0 Delete window
Ctrl-x 1 Delete all other windows
Ctrl-x 2 Split window vertically
Ctrl-x 3 Split window horizontally
Ctrl-x + Balance windows
Ctrl-Tab Switch to previous buffer
Super-up Move buffer up
Super-down Move buffer down
Super-left Move buffer left
Super-right Move buffer right

got emacs?

emacs package growth

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