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/* BlastBeat */
#include <ev.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <netinet/tcp.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include "http-parser/http_parser.h"
#include <zmq.h>
#ifdef __APPLE__
#include <openssl/sha.h>
#include <openssl/bio.h>
#include <openssl/buffer.h>
#include <openssl/evp.h>
#include "openssl/conf.h"
#include "openssl/ssl.h"
#include <openssl/err.h>
#include <sys/resource.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <grp.h>
#include <zlib.h>
#include <uuid/uuid.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <math.h>
#define MAX_CHUNK_STORAGE ((sizeof("18446744073709551616") * 2) + 3)
#define MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH (sizeof("18446744073709551616") + 5)
#ifndef ULLONG_MAX
# define ULLONG_MAX ((uint64_t) -1) /* 2^64-1 */
#define ntohll(y) (((uint64_t)ntohl(y)) << 32 | ntohl(y>>32))
#define htonll(y) (((uint64_t)htonl(y)) << 32 | htonl(y>>32))
#define bb_now round(ev_now(blastbeat.loop))
#define bb_milliseconds round(ev_now(blastbeat.loop)*1000)
#define BB_UUID_LEN 16
// flags for the writequeue
#define BB_WQ_FREE (1 << 0)
#define BB_WQ_CLOSE (1 << 1)
#define BB_WQ_EOS (1 << 2)
#define MAX_URL_SIZE 65536-2
#define MAX_HEADERS_SIZE 65536
struct bb_virtualhost;
struct bb_session;
struct bb_router;
// a dealer is a backend node connecting to blastbeat
struct bb_dealer {
char *identity;
size_t len;
ev_tstamp last_seen;
int status;
int unauthorized;
int spawn_sent;
uint64_t load;
char *secure_key;
size_t secure_key_len;
struct bb_router *router;
struct bb_dealer *next;
// this is a dealer mapped to a virtualhost
struct bb_vhost_dealer {
struct bb_dealer *dealer;
struct bb_vhost_dealer *next;
// the ev_io reader structure
struct bb_reader {
ev_io reader;
struct bb_connection *connection;
struct bb_acceptor;
// groups subsystem (each virtualhost has its pool of groups)
struct bb_group_entry;
struct bb_group {
size_t len;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_group_entry *entry;
struct bb_group_session *sessions;
struct bb_group *prev;
struct bb_group *next;
struct bb_group_entry {
struct bb_group *head;
struct bb_group *tail;
struct bb_session_group {
struct bb_group *group;
struct bb_session_group *prev;
struct bb_session_group *next;
struct bb_group_session {
struct bb_session *session;
int noecho;
struct bb_group_session *prev;
struct bb_group_session *next;
struct bb_cache_item {
ev_timer expires;
uint64_t expires_num;
char *key;
size_t keylen;
// this is tracked for accounting memory
size_t len;
// is it a fragment ?
int frag;
// useful for SPDY
char protocol[8];
char status[3];
// the list of headers (must be freed after each request)
struct bb_http_header *headers;
// the number of headers
off_t headers_count;
// used by the header parser
int last_was_value;
// correctly parsed ?
int valid;
size_t headers_len;
char *http_end_of_first_line;
char *http_first_line;
size_t http_first_line_len;
char *body;
size_t body_len;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_cache_entry *entry;
struct bb_cache_item *prev;
struct bb_cache_item *next;
struct bb_cache_entry {
struct bb_cache_item *head;
struct bb_cache_item *tail;
struct bb_throttle {
ev_timer throttle;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_connection_throttle {
ev_prepare throttle;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_connection *connection;
// a blastbeat virtualhost
struct bb_virtualhost {
char *name;
size_t len;
struct bb_vhost_acceptor *acceptors;
struct bb_vhost_dealer *dealers;
// the group hastable
uint32_t ght_size;
struct bb_group_entry *ght;
// the cache store
uint32_t cht_size;
uint64_t cache_size;
uint64_t allocated_cache;
struct bb_cache_entry *cache;
uint64_t max_sessions;
uint64_t active_sessions;
// tx accounter
uint64_t tx;
// bandwidth control
uint64_t bandwidth;
uint64_t bandwidth_bucket;
struct bb_throttle throttle;
// set to 1 if a virtualhost is throttled
int throttled;
char *ssl_certificate;
char *ssl_key;
SSL_CTX *ctx;
// inactivy timeout for connections
uint64_t timeout;
struct bb_virtualhost *next;
// structure defining an HTTP header
struct bb_http_header {
char *key;
size_t keylen;
char *value;
size_t vallen;
struct bb_session;
struct bb_session_entry;
struct bb_request {
int initialized;
// the joyent http_parser
http_parser parser;
// parsed headers
off_t headers_count;
size_t headers_len;
// used by the header parser
int last_was_value;
// the list of headers (must be freed after each request)
struct bb_http_header *headers;
char http_major;
char http_minor;
char *url;
size_t url_len;
int can_chunk;
// websocket parser
char *websocket_message_queue;
uint64_t websocket_message_queue_len;
uint64_t websocket_message_queue_pos;
uint8_t websocket_message_phase;
uint8_t websocket_message_has_mask;
uint64_t websocket_message_size;
// uwsgi translator
int no_uwsgi;
char *uwsgi_buf;
size_t uwsgi_len;
off_t uwsgi_pos;
char *sio_post_buf;
size_t sio_post_buf_size;
struct bb_response {
int initialized;
// the joyent http_parser
http_parser parser;
off_t headers_count;
// used by the header parser
int last_was_value;
// the list of headers (must not allocate memory for content!!!)
struct bb_http_header *headers;
uint64_t content_length;
uint64_t written_bytes;
int close;
// item for the write queue
struct bb_writer_item {
char *buf;
off_t pos;
size_t len;
int flags;
// the session generating the item
struct bb_session *session;
struct bb_writer_item *next;
// the ev_io writer structure for the write queue
struct bb_writer {
ev_io writer;
size_t len;
struct bb_connection *connection;
struct bb_writer_item *head;
struct bb_writer_item *tail;
union bb_addr {
struct sockaddr in;
struct sockaddr_in in4;
struct sockaddr_in6 in6;
// a connection from a peer to blastbeat
struct bb_connection {
ev_timer timeout;
int fd;
struct bb_reader reader;
struct bb_acceptor *acceptor;
uint64_t timeout_value;
int (*func)(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
// the client addr
union bb_addr addr;
// string repr of the address;
char addr_str[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN+1];
// for performance
size_t addr_str_len;
// string repr of the port
char addr_port[6];
// for performance
size_t addr_port_len;
// ssl session
SSL *ssl;
int spdy;
z_stream spdy_z_in;
z_stream spdy_z_out;
int spdy_status;
uint8_t spdy_control;
uint16_t spdy_version;
uint16_t spdy_type;
uint8_t spdy_flags;
uint32_t spdy_length;
uint32_t spdy_stream_id;
char spdy_header_buf[8];
off_t spdy_header_pos;
char *spdy_body_buf;
off_t spdy_body_pos;
uint32_t spdy_even_stream_id;
// write queue
struct bb_writer writer;
// throttle system
struct bb_connection_throttle throttle;
struct bb_session *sessions_head;
struct bb_session *sessions_tail;
struct bb_socketio_message {
char *buf;
size_t len;
struct bb_socketio_message *next;
struct bb_pipe {
struct bb_session *session;
size_t dest_len;
int on_websocket;
int on_body;
struct bb_pipe *prev;
struct bb_pipe *next;
// a blastbeat session (in HTTP it is mapped to a connection, in SPDY it is mapped to a stream)
struct bb_session {
// destroy the session whenever this timer expires
ev_timer death_timer;
// this is the uuid key split in 2 64bit numbers
uint64_t uuid_part1;
uint64_t uuid_part2;
// used by spdy
uint32_t stream_id;
// true if already correctly cleared (from the protocol pov)
int fin;
// the push queue
char *push_queue;
size_t push_queue_len;
// each session can run on a different dealer
struct bb_dealer *dealer;
// contains the virtualhost mapped to the session
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
// used for monitoring inactivity
ev_tstamp last_seen;
// persistent sessions can be re-called (useful for in xhr-polling)
int persistent;
// stealth sessions never touch dealers
int stealth;
// if member of a group, do not forward messages to myself
int noecho;
// mark connection status
int sio_connected;
int sio_realtime;
// true if a poller is connected
int sio_poller;
// the queue of unsent messages
struct bb_socketio_message *sio_queue;
// the sio session
struct bb_session *sio_session;
// the request parser structure (http, spdy, websocket,
struct bb_request request;
// the response parser structure
struct bb_response response;
// sanity check for 'retry' command
uint64_t hops;
// hash table management
struct bb_session_entry *entry;
struct bb_session *prev;
struct bb_session *next;
// connection link
struct bb_connection *connection;
struct bb_session *conn_prev;
struct bb_session *conn_next;
// subscribed group list
struct bb_session_group *groups;
// pipes list
struct bb_pipe *pipes_head;
struct bb_pipe *pipes_tail;
// hooks
int (*send_headers)(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int (*send_end)(struct bb_session *);
int (*send_body)(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int (*send_cache_headers)(struct bb_session *, struct bb_cache_item *);
int (*send_cache_body)(struct bb_session *, struct bb_cache_item *);
int (*recv_body)(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int (*recv_complete)(struct bb_session *);
// special hook to run on session timeout
int (*death_timer_func)(struct bb_session *);
struct bb_session_entry {
struct bb_session *head;
struct bb_session *tail;
// an acceptor is a bound socket
struct bb_acceptor {
ev_io acceptor;
char *name;
// prefixed with :
char *port_str;
int shared;
union bb_addr addr;
socklen_t addr_len;
SSL_CTX *ctx;
int ctx_configured;
ssize_t (*read)(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
ssize_t (*write)(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
// priority used by clustering
uint64_t priority;
// list of mapped virtualhosts
struct bb_acceptor_vhost *vhosts;
struct bb_acceptor *next;
// the list of virtualhosts mapped to an acceptor
struct bb_acceptor_vhost {
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_acceptor_vhost *next;
// the list of acceptors mapped to a vhost
struct bb_vhost_acceptor {
struct bb_acceptor *acceptor;
struct bb_vhost_acceptor *next;
// hostnames (name -> vhost mappings)
struct bb_hostname {
char *name;
size_t len;
// this could be overwritten multiple times by the dealers
SSL_CTX *ctx;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
struct bb_hostname *next;
struct bb_router_io {
ev_io event;
struct bb_router *router;
struct bb_router_prepare {
ev_prepare prepare;
struct bb_router *router;
struct bb_router {
char *zmq;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhost;
void *router;
int zmq_fd;
struct bb_router_io zmq_io;
struct bb_router_prepare zmq_check;
struct bb_router *next;
// the main server structure
struct blastbeat_server {
struct bb_acceptor *acceptors;
struct bb_virtualhost *vhosts;
float ping_freq;
float stats_freq;
int max_hops;
char *uid;
char *gid;
uint64_t timeout;
uint64_t max_sessions;
uint64_t active_sessions;
uint64_t active_connections;
uint64_t max_headers;
uint64_t max_memory;
uint64_t allocated_memory;
uint64_t startup_memory;
uint64_t cache_memory;
struct ev_loop *loop;
uint64_t max_fd;
int ssl_initialized;
char *ssl_certificate;
char *ssl_key;
int ssl_index;
uint32_t sht_size;
struct bb_session_entry *sht;
uint64_t writequeue_buffer;
struct bb_hostname *hnht[BLASTBEAT_HOSTNAME_HTSIZE];
struct bb_dealer *dealers;
struct bb_router *routers;
ev_timer pinger;
ev_timer stats;
void bb_ini_config(char *);
void bb_error(char *);
void bb_error_exit(char *);
struct bb_http_header *bb_http_req_header(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_set_dealer(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_uwsgi(struct bb_session *);
int bb_manage_chunk(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
struct bb_session *bb_sht_get(char *);
void bb_sht_remove(struct bb_session *);
void bb_sht_add(struct bb_session *);
void bb_wq_callback(struct ev_loop *, struct ev_io *, int);
int bb_wq_push(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, int);
int bb_wq_push_copy(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, int);
int bb_wq_push_close(struct bb_session *);
int bb_wq_push_eos(struct bb_session *);
int bb_wq_dumb_push(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t, int);
ssize_t bb_http_read(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
ssize_t bb_http_write(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
ssize_t bb_ssl_read(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
ssize_t bb_ssl_write(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
struct bb_session *bb_session_new(struct bb_connection *);
void bb_connection_close(struct bb_connection *);
void bb_session_close(struct bb_session *);
void bb_raw_zmq_send_msg(struct bb_dealer *, struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
void bb_zmq_send_msg(struct bb_dealer *, struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
void bb_zmq_receiver(struct ev_loop *, struct ev_io *, int);
void bb_zmq_check_cb(struct ev_loop *, struct ev_prepare *, int);
void bb_ssl_info_cb(SSL const *, int, int);
int add_uwsgi_item(struct bb_session *, char *, uint16_t, char *val, uint16_t, int);
void bb_socket_ssl(struct bb_acceptor *);
int bb_stricmp(char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
int bb_strcmp(char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
int bb_startswith(char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
size_t bb_str2num(char *, int);
int bb_manage_websocket(struct bb_session *, char *, ssize_t);
int bb_send_websocket_handshake(struct bb_session *);
int bb_websocket_reply(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_manage_spdy(struct bb_connection *, char *, ssize_t);
int bb_spdy_push_headers(struct bb_session *);
int bb_join_group(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_session_leave_group(struct bb_session *, struct bb_group *);
struct bb_group *bb_ght_get(struct bb_virtualhost *, char *, size_t);
void bb_initialize_request(struct bb_session *);
void bb_initialize_response(struct bb_session *);
int bb_manage_socketio(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
int bb_socketio_push(struct bb_session *, char, char *, size_t);
int bb_socketio_send(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_http_func(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
int bb_http_send_headers(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_http_send_end(struct bb_session *);
int bb_http_send_body(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_websocket_func(struct bb_connection *, char *, size_t);
struct bb_virtualhost *bb_vhost_get(char *, size_t, struct bb_hostname **);
void bb_vhost_push_acceptor(struct bb_virtualhost *, struct bb_acceptor *);
int bb_manage_cache(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
void bb_cache_store(struct bb_session *bbs, char *buf, size_t, int);
struct bb_cache_item *bb_cache_get(struct bb_virtualhost *, char *, size_t, int);
int null_cb(http_parser *);
int null_b_cb(http_parser *, const char *, size_t);
int bb_http_cache_send_headers(struct bb_session *, struct bb_cache_item *);
int bb_http_cache_send_body(struct bb_session *, struct bb_cache_item *);
void bb_connection_reset_timer(struct bb_connection *);
void bb_session_reset_timer(struct bb_session *, uint64_t, int (*)(struct bb_session *));
int bb_socketio_message(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_http_recv_body(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_spdy_raw_send_headers(struct bb_session *, off_t, struct bb_http_header *, char[], char[], int);
int bb_spdy_send_body(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_spdy_send_end(struct bb_session *);
int bb_nonblock(int);
void *bb_alloc(size_t);
void bb_free(void *, size_t);
void *bb_realloc(void *, size_t, ssize_t);
int bb_pipe_add(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t);
int bb_check_for_pipe(struct bb_session *, char *, size_t, char *, size_t);
SSL_CTX *bb_new_ssl_ctx(void);
void bb_throttle_cb(struct ev_loop *, struct ev_timer *, int);
void bb_connection_throttle_cb(struct ev_loop *, struct ev_prepare *, int);
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