A Perl Curses::UI interface for uWSGI metrics subsystem
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A Perl Curses::UI interface for uWSGI metrics subsystem



This terminal interface allows you to monitor (in almost-realtime) values gathered/collected from the uWSGI metric subsystem.

You can monitor multiple metrics, each one will be showed as a Curses::UI::Progressbar

For each metric you can define a maximum value and a 'threshold' value. Metrics with a value higher than the specified threshold will be showed in red


The only additional requirement is the Curses::UI module.

cpanm Curses::UI

Operational modes

Currently the metrics can be gathered in 2 ways:

'stats' => get the values from a uWSGI stats server

'udp' => bind to a udp address and wait for updates directly sent by a uWSGI server

Examples (stats mode)

uwsgi --http-socket :9090 --processes 2 --stats :9393 --psgi yourapp.pl
perl bars.pl --addr worker.0.requests:2000:450 worker.1.requests:1000 worker.2.requests:1000

this will start gathering 3 metrics (with the first one with a threshold of 450)

Examples (udp mode)

uwsgi --http-socket :9090 --processes 2 --stats-push socket:  --psgi yourapp.pl
perl bars.pl --mode udp --addr uwsgi.worker.0.requests:2000:450 uwsgi.worker.1.requests:1000 uwsgi.worker.2.requests:1000

this time we bind to udp port 9292 and instruct uWSGI to 'push' metrics to this address.

Pay attention, stats pushers add a prefix to each metric ('uwsgi' in such a case), remember it !!!


--freq => set the update frequency

--mode => set the mode ('udp' or 'stats')

--addr => set the address

metric:max:threshold => you can specify all the metrics you need, max and threshold are optionals. By default a max of 100 is assumed