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import uwsgi
import os
print("!!! uWSGI version:", uwsgi.version)
def ciao():
print("modifica su /tmp")
def ciao2():
print("nuovo uwsgi_server")
print os.getpid()
counter = 0
#if uwsgi.load_plugin(0, 'plugins/example/', 'ciao'):
# print "example plugin loaded"
# print "unable to load example plugin"
#uwsgi.event_add(uwsgi.EVENT_FILE, "/tmp", ciao)
#uwsgi.event_add(uwsgi.EVENT_DNSSD, "_uwsgi._tcp", ciao2)
#uwsgi.event_add(uwsgi.EVENT_TIMER, 1000, ciao2)
uwsgi.post_fork_hook = ciao2
def application(env, start_response):
global counter
start_response('200 Ok', [('Content-type', 'text/plain')])
yield "hello world"
yield "hello world2"
for i in range(1,1000):
yield str(i)
yield "\n"
yield str(counter)
counter += 1
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