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add system load avg info to stats #216

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When looking at stats from multiple nodes it is useful to have also load avg stats from those nodes, so it would be nice to add it.

I'm not sure about availability, it seems that this is present on all UNIXes and Cygwin emulates it, but I've seen mixed reports so (provided that you are willing to merge it) we might:
a) push it as is and wait for people to complain that it does not compile on some platforms
b) ifdef it with __linux__, __FreeBSD__, __sun__ and __APPLE__ (for example)


i have committed the first tech draft for the metric subsystem:

i think i will make a first version in 1.9.7 (if not in 1.9.6). I need only to define how to correctly manage time (the problem we had with carbon metrics with 1 second frequency)

So, i think i can integrate this directly as a metric


how to correctly manage time

AFAIR the issue was that we need metric fetching (reading metrics from source and storing it in uWSGI buffer) and pushing (sending to carbon/mongo/whatever) to not block each other, the most obvious solution would be 2 threads and fixed size queue in between them.


It seems high resolution timers are not needed for the metrics thread, the problem rises when we send the values to a system that need to make computation on them (based on time). The metrics thread is only a collector. This should speedup development :)

@prymitive prymitive referenced this pull request

System metrics #455


Same as #236

@unbit unbit closed this
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Commits on Apr 7, 2013
  1. @prymitive
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  1. +10 −0 core/master_utils.c
10 core/master_utils.c
@@ -828,6 +828,16 @@ struct uwsgi_stats *uwsgi_master_generate_stats() {
if (uwsgi_stats_keylong_comma(us, "load", (unsigned long long) uwsgi.shared->load))
goto end;
+ double load[3];
+ char loadavg[128] = "N/A";
+ if (getloadavg(load, 3) != -1) {
+ if (sprintf(loadavg, "%.2f, %.2f, %.2f", load[0], load[1], load[2]) < 0)
+ uwsgi_error("getloadavg()\n");
+ }
+ if (uwsgi_stats_keyval_comma(us, "system_loadavg", loadavg))
+ goto end;
if (uwsgi_stats_keylong_comma(us, "pid", (unsigned long long) getpid()))
goto end;
if (uwsgi_stats_keylong_comma(us, "uid", (unsigned long long) getuid()))
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