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uWSGI top-like app
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Support connection to abstract socket addresses
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Run your uWSGI server with the stats server enabled, Ex.:

uwsgi --module myapp --socket :3030 --stats /tmp/stats.socket

Then connect uwsgitop to the stats socket

uwsgitop /tmp/stats.socket

To display async core statistics (e.g. when using gevent) or to switch between core statistics display mode, press 'a'.

To refresh the screen super fast, press 'f'.

To quit, press 'q'.

Field Description
WID Worker ID
% Worker usage
PID Worker PID
REQ How many requests worker did since worker (re)spawn
RPS Requests per second
EXC Exceptions
STATUS Worker is busy or free to use?
AVG Average request time
RSS Worker RSS (Resident Set Size, see linux memory management)
VSZ Worker VSZ (Virtual Memory Size, see linux memory management)
TX How many data was transmitted by worker
RunT How long worker is working

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