A thin veneer over the official java dogstatsd client
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A thin veneer over the officia Java dogstatsd client. This library favours pragmatism where possible.

Instrumenting your code should be easy, you shouldn't be forced to thread a statsd client in your code. This library keeps a global client around so your application doesn't need to know about it.


Somewhere in your code, you should setup the client:

(require '[com.unbounce.dogstatsd.core :as statsd])

;; Do this once in your code
;; Or statd calls will default to use NoOpStatsDClient to avoid nullpointer exception
(statsd/setup! :host "" :port 8125 :prefix "my.app")

;; Increment or derement a counter
(statsd/increment "counter")
(statsd/decrement "another.counter")

;; Records a value at given time
(statsd/gauge "a.gauge" 10)

;; Record a histogram value (i.e for measuring percentiles)
(statsd/histogram "a.histogram" 10)

;; Time how long body takes and records it to the metric
(statsd/time "a.timed.body" {}
  (Thread/sleep 100)
  (Thread/sleep 100))

;; Shutdown client to ensure all messages are emitted to statsd and resources are cleaned up

Ring Middleware

This library also has comes with a ring middleware to capture HTTP requests. See com.unbounce.dogstatsd.ring for more information.

The middleware provides these metrics:

  • http.1xx counter of 1xx responses
  • http.2xx counter of 2xx responses
  • http.3xx counter of 3xx responses
  • http.4xx counter of 4xx responses
  • http.5xx counter of 5xx responses
  • http.count counter for total requests
  • http.exception counter for exceptions raised
  • http.duration histogram of request duration


(require '[com.unbounce.dogstatsd.ring :as dogstatsd.ring])

;; by default instrument all requests
(def handler (-> (constantly {:status 200})

;; when sample-rate is set, only 20% of requests will be instrumented
(def handler (-> (constantly {:status 200})
                 (dogstatsd.ring/wrap-http-metrics {:sample-rate 0.2})))


Copyright © 2018 Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.

Distributed under the MIT License.