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Convenience variables

Follows a list of the builtin functions and variables.


Name Description Type
L The current line, stripped :py:class:`str`
R The raw current line :py:class:`str`
LN The current line number :py:class:`int`
W Words of R split on WS or WRE :py:class:`str`
NW Length of W :py:class:`int`


These are defined in the whole program.

Name Usage Default Type
ENV Maps names to values of environment variables :py:data:`os.environ` {:py:class:`str`: :py:class:`str`}


Name Usage Default Type
F The input file :py:data:`sys.stdin` file (:py:class:`io.FileIO`)
WS Word separator, ignored if WRE is set Any whitespace :py:class:`str`
WRE Word RegExp separator :py:const:`None` :py:class:`str` or :py:mod:`re`


Name Usage Default Type
OF The output file :py:data:`sys.stdout` file (:py:class:`io.FileIO`)
OWS Output Word Separator space :py:class:`str`
OLS Output Line Separator \n :py:class:`str`


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