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Update the contact list to indicate the proper people to contact for
advertising or recruitment.

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-A new CSC site is coming for fall 2011 (no thanks to bum power supplies).
-In the meantime, if you have ideas or questions, send them to Roger Que at
-<> and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
+The UNC Computer Science Club puts together social gatherings, peer education,
+seminars, and job recruitment events for undergraduates in [the Department of
+Computer Science](
-Zach Cross has set up [a #unc-cs IRC channel on
-freenode](irc://, if you’re up for a chat.
+Need to contact somebody?
-Informal leadership committee for 2011–12:
+* If you'd like to hold an on-campus recruiting event, contact events
+ coordinator Zach Cross at <>.
+* Internship or job opening advertisements should be sent to Kevin Jeffay at
+ <>.
+* All other inquiries or feedback can go to <>.
-* [Zach Cross]( (<>)
-* Rob Dallara (<>)
-* Duncan Lindbo (<>)
-* **[Roger Que](** (chief contact; <>)
-* Phillip Smith (<>)
-Other things you may find useful:
+Some things you may find useful:
* [Key-based authentication with OpenSSH](help/openssh-keygen/)
* [Slides for Chris Davis’ CrackChats](crackchat/)
@@ -35,4 +32,5 @@ Subscribe to the CSC mailing list:
The [source code for this Web site](
-is available on GitHub.
+is available on GitHub. The cow image in the header was generated with Tony
+Monroe’s [cowsay](

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