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Bitcoin multisig coordination software
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Caravan - Stateless Multisig Coordinator

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Caravan is making bitcoin multisig custody easier and safer through transparency and standards.

Caravan is a coordination software. It connects to a source of consensus and your keys to build and interact with multisig bitcoin addresses.

Caravan is also stateless. It does not itself store any data. You must safekeep the addresses (and redeem scripts & BIP32 paths) you create.

Try Caravan now!


Caravan is a stateless pure HTML & JavaScript web application. It can be run in any web browser from a local or remote installation.

Unchained Capital GitHub

The simplest way to use Caravan is to visit, a copy of Caravan hosted on GitHub by Unchained Capital.

Your Own GitHub

If you would prefer to host your own copy of Caravan on GitHub, you can do so by first forking the Caravan repository into your own GitHub organization. You should see a copy of the Caravan web application at

If not, go to the (newly forked) repository's "Settings" page and scroll down to the "GitHub Pages" section. Ensure you see a message saying "Your site is published at ...".

Host Locally

You can always clone the source code of Caravan to your local machine and run it from there. You will require a recent npm installation.

$ git clone
$ cd caravan
$ npm install
$ npm start

Now visit https://localhost:3000 to interact with your local copy of Caravan.

Host Remotely

Once you have downloaded the source code and used npm to install dependences (see section above), you can pre-build the React application for a production deployment and then host the contents of the resulting build directory via a webserver such as nginx.

$ npm run build


If you can access the Caravan web application in your browser, you are ready to start using Caravan.

Click the Create or Interact links in the navbar to get started.

See our YouTube playlist for some tutorial videos.


Caravan can connect to several different hardware wallets and key management software.

Caravan also accepts public keys and signatures as text so any wallet which can export these data can be made to work with Caravan.


By default, Caravan uses a free API provided by whenever it needs information about the bitcoin blockchain or to broadcast transactions.

You can ask Caravan to use your own private bitcoind full node.

Adding CORS Headers

When asking Caravan to use a private bitcoind node you may run into CORS issues.

To correct this problem, you must add appropriate access control headers to your node's HTTP responses. When running Caravan on your local machine, for example, you may need to set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://localhost:3000.

This can be done using a webserver such as nginx or Apache, a proxy tool such as mitmproxy, or even just a script.

A particularly simple way to proxy requests to a private bitcoind node is to make use of the corsproxy npm module. Instructions to install and run the module are on its home page. If you are running a local bitcoind node on your local machine on port 8332, and you run corsproxy with the default settings, you should be able to point caravan at 'http://localhost:1337/localhost:8332'.

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