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Javascript library for working with bitcoin, esp. validation & multisig.
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Unchained Capital Bitcoin Utilities

Build Status

This library builds on the excellent bitcoinjs-lib, adding valuable but missing functionality for validation, HD wallets, block explorers, and especially multisig.

Full API documentation can be found at unchained-bitcoin.

This library was built and is maintained by Unchained Capital.


unchained-bitcoin is distributed as an NPM package. Add it to your application's dependencies:

$ npm install --save unchained-bitcoin


The library provides a functional API which builds upon data structures used by bitcoinjs-lib.

In particular, many functions accept a multisig argument which is the kind of object returned by functions such as bitcoin.payments.p2ms, bitcoin.payments.p2sh, &c. from bitcoinjs-lib.

The examples below provide an initial idea of how to use this library, but see the API documentation for full details.

Interacting with a multisig address.

Generating multisigs

Multisignature objects can be generated with two functions:

  • generateMultisigFromPublicKeys -- useful when directly passing public keys
  • generateMultisigFromHex -- useful when parsing an existing redeem script

Each of these functions accepts additional arguments which determines the multisig address type (e.g. P2SH or P2WSH).

import {
	P2SH,                      // or: P2SH_P2WSH, P2WSH
	MAINNET,                   // or: TESTNET
} from "unchained-bitcoin";

// Public keys are represented as compressed hex.
const publicKeys = [

// A mainnet P2SH 2-of-3 multisig.
const multisig = generateMultisigFromPublicKeys(MAINNET, P2SH, 2, ...publicKeys);

Querying multisigs

The multisig object above can be passed around and queried with other functions in the API.

multisigAddress(multisig); // Returns public address
multisigAddressType(multisig); // P2SH
multisigRequiredSigners(multisig); // 2
multisigTotalSigners(multisig); // 3
multisigRedeemScript(multisig); // Returns redeem script in hex
multisigWitnessScript(multisig); // Returns witness script in hex (null for P2SH)
multisigPublicKeys(multisig); // Returns publicKeys


This library contains several useful functions for validation not provided by bitcoinjs-lib or other libraries. The validation functions are designed to return an empty string '' on valid input and provide a helpful error message otherwise.

  • validateAddress -- understands Bech32 addresses and is aware of differences in addresses across networks

  • valdiateBIP32Path -- understands absolute and relative BIP32 paths, validates maximum BIP32 index values, and can optionally check for fully hardened or unhardened paths

  • validateExtendedPublicKey -- understands network-dependent differences in encoding extended public keys

  • validatePublicKey -- allows any hexadecimal value

  • validateFeeRate -- implements a reasonable maximum fee rate in Satoshis/byte

  • validateFee -- implements a reasonable maximum fee in BTC

  • validateOutputAmount -- checks for dust and that amount is less than total input amount

  • validateMultisigSignature -- checks signatures for correctness and works across all multisig address types


Developers who want to work on this library should clone the source code and install dependencies:

$ git clone`
$ cd unchained-bitcoin
$ npm install


Unit tests are implemented in Jest and can be run via

$ npm test


Unchained Capital welcomes bug reports, new features, and better documentation for this library.

If you are fixing a bug or adding a feature, please first check the GitHub issues page to see if there is any existing discussion about it.

To contribute, create a pull request (PR) on GitHub against the Unchained Capital fork of unchained-bitcoin.

Before you submit your PR, make sure to update and run the test suite!

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