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Example projects using Uncharted Salt
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Salt Examples

Examples for Salt

Please be sure to check out the release tag matching the version of Salt you intend to use


To run the example projects your development environment will need to have the following installed:

  • Docker
  • Java compiler
  • Gradle
  • Node + npm

Running Examples

Examples generally have two phases:

  1. tile data generation
  2. web-based viewer of the result

Please see files in each example directory for further instructions.

Using Windows?

Windows and Docker don't always play nicely together when it comes to volume mounting. Some tips:

  • Make sure you have *NIX line endings on all the files in your working copy. Set $ git config core.autocrlf false and check out a fresh copy of the salt-examples codebase.
  • If all else fails, try virtualizing a Linux environment
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