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-Simple Orbital Simulator written in Clojure.
-Robert C. Martin
-2 Jun 2010
-To run:
- java -jar clojureOrbit-standalone.jar
-or to execute wihout the jar:
- java -cp <CLJLIB>/clojure.jar:<CLJLIB>clojure-contrib.jar clojure.main src/orbit/run.clj
- where CLJLIB is the directory that holds the jar files for clojure.
-or, with leiningen:
-lein deps
-lein repl
-(load "orbit/run")
- q Quit
- + zoom in
- - zoom out
- t toggle trails
- <space> Center the sun.
+There's not much code here. Just some stubs. The tests for the vector module
+are all present, and if you run them they will fail horribly.
+Your task is to get these tests to pass by implementing the specified functions.
+Oh, and don't bother to run the simulation. In this primitive example,
+there isn't one.

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