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BYLAWS for the committers of FitNesse.
1. Use the coding style that you'll see in the extras/fitnesse.xml file. This is an intelliJ idea file.
You can move it into the codestyles directory somewhere beneath intellij preferences home. I found it on my MAC
in ~/Library/Preferences/IntelijIDEA8/codestyles
If you can't use this file in your IDE then look carefully then you can emulate any of the source files in FitNesse.
Remember that indentation level is 2 spaces, and we never use tabs. Braces follow K&R style:
void f() {
2. Never commit changes without running BOTH the unit tests AND the acceptance tests. The ant target 'all' in
the build.xml file will run them both, but it's slow. I just use the IDE to run the unit tests, and then run the
acceptance tests with FitNesse.
3. Please don't rush. You are never in a hurry with FitNesse. There are no deadlines. Keep this code as clean
as you can. Maintain the highest pride in your workmanship. Don't make messes. See the "Clean Code" book for more.
4. Whenever you make a change, add a few sentences to the changeLog.txt file describing your changes. We used this file
to build the release notes.
5. If you have any questions, ask Uncle Bob.
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