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!1 Welcome to [[FitNesse][FitNesse.FitNesse]]!
!3 ''The fully integrated stand-alone acceptance testing framework and wiki.''
# Here is a good place to add your first page (WikiWord). For example, MyTopLevelApplicationPage
To add your first "page", click the [[Edit][FrontPage?edit]] button and add a [[!-WikiWord-!][FitNesse.WikiWord]] to the page.
| '''To Learn More...'''|
| [[A One-Minute Description][FitNesse.OneMinuteDescription]]|''What is [[FitNesse][FitNesse.FitNesse]]? Start here.''|
| [[A Two-Minute Example][FitNesse.TwoMinuteExample]]|''A brief example. Read this one next.''|
| [[User Guide][FitNesse.UserGuide]]|''Answer the rest of your questions here.''|
| [[Acceptance Tests][FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests]]|''FitNesse's suite of Acceptance Tests''|
!note Release v20090217
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