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-!2 Edge
+!2 2014-02-01
* '''Files outside the http://files section can no longer be accessed!'''
* Updated bootstrap theme to bootstrap 3.
* Added hooks to add custom test systems.
* Pages can now be defined in a .TemplateLibrary. You can add your own page scaffolding.
* java.util.logging is now used for logging, instead of System.out/err.
- * support for more content types (in particular image types).
+ * Support for more content types (in particular image types).
* Cleanup: removed packages fitnesse.runner, fitnesse.schedule.
- * Refactoring: the code is a little more modular than before.
+ * Refactoring: the code is a more modular than before. This makes it easier to integrate !-FitNesse-! components in other applications.
* Make Fit test runner no longer dependent on the wiki running: now the Fit test system starts it's own "socket catcher".
* The jUnit test running is starting a test runner by itself. It's no longer using !-FitNesseMain-!.
* Slim server can be kept running after test execution (-d option).
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* Bug where external HTML page suites were not displayed.
* Hash map rendering in rich text editor.
+For a complete list of closed issues and merged pull requests see
!2 2013-11-10
* CMSystem functionality is removed. Now only the !-VersionsController-! interface can be used.
* Git version control and recent-changes support

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